"When Only the Best Will Do!"
Wedding Carriage

Our wedding carriage is a magnificent Landau Coach, built in the style of the Royal Wedding Carriage used by Charles and Diana, and William and Kate. The carriage is beatifully apointed, with all of the elegance and grandeur of a bygone era, yet retaining the safety features of a modern vehicle. This luxurious vehicle will add style and grace to any occasion.

The carriage can seat six adults comfortably inside, with another adult or page boy and/or flower girl next to the driver.

This carriage is perfect for weddings, formals, proposals, anniversaries, or other special occasions. It has a convertible roof, so that the carriage can be enclosed (weatherproof) , or open. The carriage is equipped with drum brakes, lights, indicators, and a music system. Entry to the carriage is via side doors.

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